BrainShield™ Debut: SFU Football Team

During their 2014 season, the SFU Clan Football team traded in their traditional decals for new, micro-engineered BrainShields. The Clan practiced the entire season and played 11 games with BrainShields equipped on their helmets. A report by the team on the effectiveness of the technology showed a significant improvement in the players' helmet performance.

The SFU Clan Football team playing with the BrainShield applied to their helmets.The SFU Clan Football team playing with BrainShield applied to their helmets.

Here's what coach Chapdelaine had to say:

"The SFU Football Team has had the opportunity, during the 2014 season, to use BrainShield as part of an overall strategic approach to reduce the incidence of head trauma injuries resulting in concussions. As a result, the number of these injuries was reduced from 14 in 2013 to only 4 recorded injuries in 2014. I sincerely believe that using BrainShield was an instrumental element in dramatically reducing the number of head trauma injuries and thus, can play an incredible role in a holistic approach aimed at significantly reducing the risk of traumatic brain injuries and become a standard piece of equipment for all athletes seeking a greater level of safety in sports where head trauma could occur." - Jacques Chapdelaine Football Coach CFL, CIS, NCAA

Coach Chapdelaine speaking with the SFU Clan Football team during his time as head coach in 2014.Coach Chapdelaine speaking with the SFU Clan Football team during his time as head coach in 2014.

Jacques Chapdelaine is now the offensive coordinator for the Saskatchewan Roughriders CFL football team.

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Daniel Abram


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April 15, 2015

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