ShieldX has a variety of applications.
Taking Protection to the Next Level

Glide-On Tech™ 

Glide-On Tech™ is a patented technology by Shield-X, resulting from a decade of research and development on how nature protects itself from any threat, such as excessive forces. Human evolution has not led to the ability to withstand excessive forces to the brain, leading to the adoption of helmets. Traditionally, helmets are desgined, tested, and certified for compressional forces only, leaving a blind spot in modern helmet design: the sharp twisting of the brain during impact. Shield-X's Glide-On Tech™ takes protection to the next level by mimicking the behaviour of the human scalp and helping mitigate the sharp twisting.


Inspired by Nature, Proven by Science

Multiple layers make-up the Shield-X(TM) membrane.

Glide-On Tech™ is comprised of micro-engineered layers that glide along each other omni-directionally.