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We are working to make all of our products more eco-friendly. The BX-I Green series offers an eco-friendly solution for better performance

The Shield-X Story

Concussion prevention has not been addressed, until now. In 2014, researchers from Simon Fraser University’s School of Mechatronic Systems Engineering founded Shield-X™ Technology Inc., a revolutionary technology that upon impact reduces rotational forces to the brain.

Blind Spot in Modern Helmet Design

Most helmets are designed, tested and certified for compression forces only (assuming the impact is on the top of the helmet).

In reality, most impacts induce compression forces and sharp twisting of the head.

The Human brain is one million times more sensitive to the sharp twisting.

BrainShield™ Technology

BrainShield developed by Shield-X is integrated inside the helmet padding that significantly reduces the sharp twisting of the brain during an impact.

Concussion prevention has not been addressed

Shield-X™ is a patented technology integrated inside the helmet padding that significantly reduces the sharp twisting during an impact, with immediate applications in head protection and other wearables.

Proven Technology

Effective in reducing rotational acceleration (sharp twisting).

Easy to Integrate

No modification required to helmet designs.

Comfortable & Cost Effective

Helmet padding significantly more comfortable than the competition. Easy to manufacture and design.


Lower cost compared to other technologies.

BrainShield™ Rotational Impact System

BrainShield is an integrated rotational impact system that greatly reduces impact forces that can cause brain injuries. BrainShield is integrated into the helmet pads to allow a sliding motion between the head and the helmet during impact.

BrainShield is a Premium Design optimized for Performance, Weight, Cost, Durability and Comfort.

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