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Blind Spot in Modern Helmet Design

Most helmets are designed, tested and certified for compression forces only (assuming the impact is on the top of the helmet).

In reality, most impacts induce compression forces and sharp twisting of the head.

The Human brain is one million times more sensitive to the sharp twisting.

BrainShield™ is Inspired by Nature

Woodpecker's skull and lower mandible, have bone structures that allow sliding (deformation) that helps in absorbing impact forces.

Woodpeckers hammer their beaks into trees at the astonishing rate of 18 to 22 times per second, subjecting their brains to deceleration forces of 1200 g with each strike. This is more than 100 times the g-force required to give a football player a concussion, according to research conducted by the NFL. The woodpeckers tongue has what is known as a hyoid layer, which is attached to the tongue to reduce vibration. BrainShield™ acts as a hyoid layer reducing the rotational impact to your brain.

BrainShield™ Rotational Impact System

Using our own proprietary test lab, developed at the Simon Fraser University, results show that Shield-X with BrainShield technology greatly reduces strain on the brain when rotational forces are applied. Testing using advanced accelerometers and gyroscopic sensors show that when a head form is impacted with rotational forces, helmets with Shield-X show significantly less impact to the brain.

Impact Testing with Shield-X Technology

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