Our Products

The core intellectual property incorporated in SXT’s products has been patented in the US, Europe, and other appropriate countries, and SXT has negotiated an Assignment Agreement with SFU giving SXT the exclusive worldwide rights to exploit the intellectual property.

BrainShield™ is a suite of products focused on reducing the severity of a concussion in sport, occupational, industrial, and military settings. BrainShield™ is a unique micro-engineered functional layer for incorporating protective helmets and gear.
BrainShield™ reduces the sharp twisting and compression of the brain during impacts – the primary cause of concussions. Shield-X currently has four products, BX-E, BX-I, BX-C, and BX-R, with additional innovative and disruptive products in development.

Shield-X product designs are aimed at providing enhanced helmet protection while minimizing the costs of adaptation by Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) to existing branded helmet designs.

Shield-X™ BX-I

Seamless Integration

Our patented BrainShield™ technology is integrated to the interior of the helmet pad system and reduces rotational impacts and acceleration. The BX-I is one of the lightest, most adaptable systems on the market and easily integrates with any helmet. 

BX-I comes in two versions, the V and F-Series and provides additional comfort due the patented pad system that avoids excess plastic and material.

Shield-X™ BX-C

Thin. Light. Breathable.

Thin. Light. Breathable. BX-C skullcap is equipped with BrainShield™ technology to provide additional protection, comfort and versatility. The BX-C is a comfortable, breathable cap that can be worn under most helmets and reduces rotational impacts and acceleration by up to 70%. Offered in 2 sizes, the BX-C comes in a variety of colours and designed to work seamlessly under any sport or safety helmet.

Shield-X™ BX-R

Shielding Against More Than Just the Elements

Equipped with BrainShield™ technology, BX-R is the 1st impact mitigating helmet cover that enhances helmet performance and is prepared for most types of weather.

Shield-X™ BX-E

World's First High-Tech Decal

Ultra-thin Gliding Layers. Easily applied to the exterior of a wide variety of sports helmets, BX-E decal provides enhanced protection upon impact. It can be customized with designs and logos to look great as well as be functional.

Featured Product

The revolutionary Studson SHK-1 helmet featuring Shield-X, is the most innovative industrial safety helmet to hit the market. Designed specifically for the industrial trades, the SHK-1 utilizes cutting edge head protection components used in gravity sports, but never before used together in an industrial safety helmet.