A row of football helmets with Shield-X decals applied to them.

Concussions and
Protective Headgear

Current helmet testing standards only consider compression and frontal impacts. These standards protect users from traumatic brain injuries and skull fractures, but not concussions.

The science behind concussions in sports is still in its early stages, and the role that any helmet can play in protecting players from concussions is still not entirely clear.

There are many factors that relate to concussions and head injuries; protective equipment is only one of these. Age, weight, a player's strength, location and direction of impact, whether or not it was anticipated, and previous head trauma are also contributing factors. Sharp twisting of the brain is known to be a key factor behind the severity of concussions. Shield-X™ aims to mitigate this sharp twisting.

Like any protective technology, Shield-X™ alone cannot prevent concussions. Instead, our goal is to help reduce the forces experienced by the head during an impact.