360° Armour

Thin. Light. Breathable.

BX-C is a patented technology that is engineered for comfort and versatility. The cap can be worn under any helmet, for any sport. Strategically-placed air vents and breathable fabric keep you cool.

The BX-C is quick to put on, and can be worn with any helmet.

Quickly put on the BX-C under your helmet and play as normal.

Sharp twisting of the brain is a key factor behind head injuries and concussions. BX-C has many layers that isolate the helmet from the wearer's head and prevent the helmet from sharply twisting the head. Read more about concussions here.

BX-C covers the entire head, and can reduce the severity of impacts from any direction.

The BX-C covers the entire head, and protects against impacts from any direction.