Inspired by Nature, Proven by Science, Optimized for fit and comfort.

Our Products

Shield-X™ BX-I

Seamless Integration

Shield-X™ patented micro-engineered film is integrated to the interior of the helmet to enhance performance and comfortability.

Shield-X™ BX-C

Thin. Light. Breathable.

BX-C skullcap is equipped with Shield-X™ micro-engineered film to provide additional protection, comfort and versatility.

Shield-X™ BX-R

Shielding Against More Than Just the Elements

Equipped with Shield-X™ micro-engineered film, BX-R is the 1st impact mitigating helmet cover that enhances helmet performance and is prepared for most types of weather.

Shield-X™ BX-E

World's First High-Tech Decal

Ultra-thin Gliding Layers. Easily applied to the exterior of a wide variety of sports helmets, BX-E decal provides enhanced protection upon impact. It can be customized with designs and logos to look great as well as be functional.

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